Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Republican Circus and the Inanity of the Political Party

     What has become of the Republican party that they have become a national joke?   Name calling, finger pointing, outrageous comments from several candidates and we've only just begun.  What a shameful situation and I totally agree with the President when he says that America deserves better.
This summer I was in Washington, DC.  The monuments and cathedrals of history were inspiring.  Our  country has so much to be proud of having been founded and borne of noble ideas and the proposition  that every man should have dignity.  All men should be treated with respect and given the opportunity to pursue happiness and fulfillment, liberty and justice without the government interfering with such endeavors.  These men don't respect the everyday man 'nor do they have any interest in progress.   These men aren't discussing liberty and justice or the pursuit of happiness for our citizens.  They are posturing their egos so they can "get" to be  President and show us all how smart they are.   It is all about them and their party.  Something has been lost in the parties.  They no longer stand for us.   They no longer fight for us.  They are fighting for themselves and their "way of thinking".  There is no more compromise, there is no progress involving any problems in our country.  I have  no idea why anyone would want to be President except for  their ego because in today's environment no President will be allowed to get anything done because Congress is little more  than a cluster of insects.   It's all a charade presented by the parties to placate us with the way things are.   There is no dignity, there is no true aim to fix anything.  It is a never-ending game for them., it's a political circus.  I worry for our country that the political parties still have all  the power.  It is very dangerous because they are inept and ineffective.  We are, in essence, without leaders.

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