Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"The Donald" Doesn't "Get It"

By Chuck Marshall

     Today there was a lot of play time in the media regarding Ben Carson's surge past Donald Trump in a key national poll.  Donald Trump was quick to express his confusion and said on several occasions that he "didn't get it".   What doesn't he get ?  Haven't his "handlers"explained how polls work?  I suppose he's being rhetorical but something in his voice is truly confused by all this.  The egomaniac is getting a dose of reality.  I have already written my opinion of Trump in this blog a couple of months ago.  In case you missed it, here it is from August 5th, 2015 titled "The Donald and Hillary";  "Our country has truly dropped to a new low with these two as the front runners to be President.   Donald Trump is a wind- bag egomaniac with not one ounce of class.  He calls his opponents names and gives out their phone numbers to the public.  It's like watching a mob boss run for President.  He runs his mouth about what he's going to do with no explanation of how he'll do it.  The only thing I've agreed with that has come out of his mouth was the comment he made on O'Reilly that our country is in trouble and on the decline.  He is living evidence of that fact."

     Now, here we are over 2 months later and the Republican party still struggles to find a potential candidate  to replace the "community organizer" we have in the White House right now.  The fact that Trump is still way ahead in the polls truly frightens me and is evidence that the frustration in the country is much worse than I thought.  On the other hand,  it's good because there's a chance the American people will wake up and start paying attention to what our leaders are doing or "not doing" (as is usually the case).  It's easy to imagine that  "The Donald" as president would certainly NOT be boring and he would most assuredly DO something., I'm just convinced the bulk of it would be BAD things.  How can commerce and prosperity flourish when we're  all on edge regarding what outrageous comment will come out of the president's mouth next ?  Will he get us in a war today?

     If nothing else, Obama is boring but safe and steady.   The college professor wouldn't dream of getting into something so serious that he could feel compelled to stand up and ask something of us.  His ringing oratory is strictly for ideals and theories.   The Donald would not only not speak to us but would probably speak AT us and I'm afraid we'd all eventually be "fired" in his mind because we don't "get him" and his brilliance.   His egomania is disturbingly similar to tyrants throughout history. He's truly confused and baffled by criticism and reacts with exaggerated venom often referring to critics by name calling.   A potential President, Really ?    You don't "get it" Donald ?   Again, I agree with you.  You definitely don't get it.  You don't get the American people and you never will and I am hoping that the "rank and file" of the  Republican party is starting to see that too.


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