Thursday, October 22, 2015

Witch-Hunts Sometimes Catch a Witch

By Chuck Marshall

     In my last blog I elaborated on the witch hunt for Ben Carson and how the media attacks and interrogates him for standing up for his principles.  Sometimes a "witch hunt" actually catches a real witch.  Case in point;  Hillary Clinton.   Today she is testifying to the Congressional committee regarding Benghazi.   Exactly what did she know or not know on Sept. 11, 2012 when our ambassador and 3 other Americans were killed ?   Was the White House playing politics with the truth when they claimed it was a video that instigated a mob to attack our embassy when it was actually an organized terrorist attack?   A terrorist attack would have been highly uncomfortable for a sitting President up for reelection so they clearly tried to hide the truth.     What it comes down to is whether she was negligent in protecting our people in Libya AND whether she and the President played politics regarding the details.  I think it goes without saying that they played politics., they're politicians !    Without her coming out and announcing what was true,   I don't see Hillary admitting to anything,  So, they chase the witch but are almost assuredly going to find only a ghost that will slowly vanish before the nation's eyes.  She won't admit to anything and the left is unconcerned with the details as long as their "gal" gets the White House.  

     Hillary is extremely adept at dodging questions.  She is not an honest person and she never will be.   In addition, and in true partisan fashion the Democrats on the committee are openly defending her position against the Republicans.  Never mind the truth here !  This is the Democratic party's likely choice for the presidency and they will watch her lie her way to the White House rather than stand up for the truth,.  Once again, the division in government is glaring but typical.   The Republicans are asking the tough questions and the Democrats are eager to dismiss the entire thing as, er... partisan politics !   Would the Republicans do the same thing if the situation was reversed ?  During the Nixon hearings there was no partisan politics coming from the right wing as they asked tough questions of all involved with Watergate.  Today I doubt that would be the case.   If  George W. Bush was being questioned under similar circumstances the Democrats would ask the tough questions and the Republicans would gloss over any obvious lies or incompetence (since we're talking about W.Bush !).

      We are a divided nation, and for the political parties the truth and competence and what is right for the American people are all very secondary issues.   This witch will not be burned at the stake.  Far from it.  Her lies and deceit will be ignored and defended so we can take one more step away from a morale country to a country that rings the bells of mendacity in the name of  getting the prize for "our side".  The losers, ever more frequently, are the American people.  

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