Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Circus Ringmaster: Cable TV

By Chuck Marshall

NOTE;  This printed in the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday,  March 10th 2016
 (with a few small changes and without Shawn Hannity's face LOL

CBT -Cable News Traitors

Senator Rubio has suggested  constitutional amendments for some of the more glaring problems with our government.  I would like to suggest an amendment restricting the influence of special interests.   Currently one special interest stands out as the most obvious special interest of all;  The Cable news media.  These companies (Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc…) are making a fortune on our political process.  They stir the pot to excite conflict and give undue coverage to the most divisive candidates.  Then they settle back to watch with glee the discourse they created. In addition, controlling the line of questions in debates allows them to “orchestrate” the debate towards personal insults and insinuations, which not coincidentally profits them greatly.  Important policy questions are few and far between.  Ideally an amendment should be formed that removes the influence of special interests and I think we should start with these circus ringmasters.      
In my humble opinion.  

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