Thursday, June 9, 2016

Disgusted Voters 2016

By Chuck Marshall

Dear Loyal Readers,

Thanks for your patience in this time of personal mourning as I work to get my head back into politics.  It has been very hard to write since my choice for the Presidency, Marco Rubio, failed in his bid for the White House.  In my mind he was head and shoulders above the competition so seeing him rejected by the Republicans removed any hope I had for their revival and I think it cast doubt in my mind that the general voter is, in the end, a wise animal.

Below is a letter I wrote to the Orlando Sentinel on Sunday, they haven't printed it (yet?), so I figured I'd toss it out here for you, loyal readers, to peruse and consider.

Thanks for a paper stuffed with anti-party information regarding the antiquated two-party system that has proven itself totally ineffective and contrary to the will of the people.  Three articles today (Friday, June 3) including a headline on voter dissatisfaction, an editorial from two points of view- both opposed to the Democratic VS Republican nonsense and a column by Scott Maxwell pointing out the increasing unpopularity of both parties.  The sooner we establish a system of elections that does not favor the major political parties 'nor require vast quantities of money, the sooner we will get a government that acts as a true advocate of the people.  Perhaps an amendment or a constitutional convention is in order to wrest control of the government away from special interests, greedy media giants, crony capitalists, and government bureaucrats and reclaim it as the domain of the American citizen.  Hopefully Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump will be the final straw that awakens the wrath of Americans who will be so disgusted by it all as to start making legitimate changes to "how we've always done it".  

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