Thursday, December 15, 2016

All I am Saying.... Is Give Trump a Chance

by Chuck Marshall

     I've written a few nasty blogs about Donald Trump., so any reader should know I've not always been much of a fan of his.   I do have to admit I've grown to admire him for his tenacity and his grit and for what seems to be a sincere desire to help us. The guy has spunk and energy like I've never seen in my entire life - and he's 70 years old !  Although he can be coarse and egotistical I believe he truly wants to help the common man and get America back  to "making" things again.   And maybe after 8 years of eloquent, beautiful, speeches that lecture us rather than inspire us,  I've come to realize that talk is cheap in the grand scheme of things.   I believe Trump wants to help the downtrodden American worker who has been forgotten and ignored for nearly 20 years.  I believe he wants to limit the influence of large corporations and their lobbyist cronies from taking our government and our democracy away from us.  I believe that his heart is in the right place for America and I believe he is much smarter than anyone ever gave him credit for.   Most of all I believe he is going to actually do something and get Congress to DO something.  That in itself is reason to celebrate.  So,  I'm going to give him a chance to fix things and give him my support as a writer of an unknown blog.  He deserves a honeymoon for a few months so I vow to resist attacking the new President (at least directly)  for 100 days after his inauguration.  

       In the meantime, I've decided I've held back too much venom from the Democrats these past 8 years, so I'm going to beat up on them for a while.  Anyway, nothing entertained me more than seeing them squirm when Trump won in November.  It was truly exquisite.  Thank you for that Donald Trump, and thanks for your continued disrespect and open hostility to the leftist, arrogant media.  It is a guilty pleasure of mine.  

       I understand that change is a scary thing, yet sometimes it is necessary even though keeping the status quo would be much easier.  Americans were brave to elect Donald Trump.  The most vocal opponents of Trump;  the liberal media, the intellectual elites,  the spoiled- rotten Hollywood actors, college professors, doctors, lawyers, lobbyists.( in other words  all those who are "comfortable" with things) don't understand the American people.  They don't work in a day to day job that pays nearly nothing with horrendous medical insurance.  They don't live in fear of getting sick lest there be a need for a Dr. and the consequent $5000 deductible for any serious illness.  They don't struggle every day to keep their head above the waters of runaway credit card debt.   They don't have to risk every month between getting their water cut off or the electricity cut off depending on which is faster to react.  They don't lie awake at night considering how long the mortgage company will let them stay in their home as they slip further and further behind in payments.  How will it work?  Do they send cops ?  They don't know that fear, and anxiety and frustration of hard working Americans.  They don't understand how infuriating it is to hear a lecture from someone who "play acts" for a living earning millions of dollars for doing one damn movie or for hosting a stupid talk show or for tossing a ball around while they work their ass off doing something of substance- yet the income is not enough to support their kids through community college.  

     All that these elitist leftists can see or think about is "bigotry" and "misogyny" and "xenophobia" when the fact of the matter is most people don't give a damn about all that crap !   They want a government that DOES something and gets things done and listens to their concerns for the basics.   They want their dignity back.  So, with all due respect for the concerns and fears of these liberal elites, they need to get a grip and just stop.  They need to stop openly announcing their opposition to Trump taking his rightful place in the White House.  They need to stop their shrieking about a "rigged election" (and BTW the hypocrisy regarding this specific topic is gag inducing).  They need to stop blaming a  Russian conspiracy that apparently succeeded in pulling the wool over all our eyes in November causing us to blindly vote for Vladmir Putin's "bestie".   They need to stop trying to convince the electoral voters to switch their vote away from the will of the people.  They need to stop.  

     If there's anyone to be afraid of these days, it's the Democratic party  that seems to not respect free speech 'nor the will of the people.  They're all too willing to refuse freedoms from people who disagree with them and their "politically correct" and bigger hearts.   At the end of the day, they just know better than the rest of us, don't they ?  Thank God Donald Trump won.....In My Humble Opinion....

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