Friday, December 9, 2016

Bikinis and Burgers

By Chuck Marshall

"Enquiring Minds Wanta Know.....  I Want to Know ! "

     I read today in the Orlando Sentinel, the lead national story  news feed from the Washington bureau of the Chicago Tribune and it  trumpets the latest atrocity committed by Donald Trump.   "Fast Food Exec is Trump Pick to Lead Labor" it states, and then it announces underneath the headline "Andrew Puzder Opposes a $15 minimum wage and Obama's New Overtime Rules".   Implied in such a statement is that most people are in favor of the $15 minimum wage and that Obama's new overtime rules are "hands down" a better choice for all of us.   The article itself was detailed how he "turned  his company around with scantily clad women hawking oversized burgers in racy ads" (I believe that's an opinion not a fact- and BTW "no" the writer was not quoting someone).   This "bikinis and burger" line was repeated three times in the article complete with quotes from one horrified woman who is the VP for "National Partnership for Women and Families"  (I wonder if there's a "National Partnership for Men and Families" because I think I want to be their VP !)  The dramatically positive effects of Obama's policies were mentioned or alluded to three times including one paragraph that outlined why his initiatives were so important.  Trump's reason for his pick was given one long sentence from Trump himself.  There was also a bland quote from somebody at the National Retail Federation.  The rest was all horror stories of Andrew Puzder.   The only thing they missed was his tendency to feast on small children.

I don't know much about this selection by Trump, but I do know when I read a biased "news" article, and this was a textbook example.   This is the Chicago Tribune - one of the nations' leading newspapers-  not the National Enquirer.  The two categories are getting harder and harder to distinguish.   In My Humble Opinion.

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