Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Age of Incompetence - Election 2018

Election 2018 - Some Should Stay Home

By Chuck Marshall

     For the longest time I've marveled at how much people are encouraged to vote.  "Get out and vote" is the rally cry for both political parties because they know how important it is to their success.  I use to see these ads of encouragement as a fine thing getting people to exercise their right.  Everyone is entitled  to vote and should vote, no matter  what.  Right ?  Well, as I ponder our incompetent government- which has been  elected by the people for generations- I can't help but wonder if that's part of the problem.  Ignorant people are voting.  You see,  if you don't know what you're talking about or understand how the government works then you shouldn't vote.  All you're doing is muddying the waters and encouraging the outrageous lunacy we've witnessed this past few years.

     Political candidates know this and so they promise everything under the sun.  That goes especially for their base of "mouth breathing" extremists.  I marvel at how much presidential candidates blather on about "what they're going to do" but none of the media calls them out, ie, "how will you get that done if  Congress is controlled by the opposite party"?  Details, details.

     I watch as reporters ask "people on the street" questions as simple as "who was President during the American Civil War?" and they get it wrong.  These are the creatures voting for the morons that run our government and spend our money.   I don't mean to discourage voting for any specific group of people except the idiots.   You, idiot,  are the very reason nothing gets done by our leaders and our nation is $21 Trillion in debt !   Twenty one Trillion dollars and counting because we keep electing  political parties that have no intention of fixing anything.  When they're not in power they have the nerve to bring up the national deficit as if the issue is suddenly important to them !    If you don't know basic history, basic civics and the basics of the problems our country faces  then don't vote, stay home, and get high.   That is the first step to stepping past this "Age of Incompetence" we suffer through.  Do it for your country !

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