Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Published the Orlando Sentinel - Rat Infested Inner Cities

By Chuck Marshall

     The Orlando Sentinel published my letter today, but they changed the wording quite a bit. 

Here is the original version:

     "While I condemn the devices used by the President to make his points, I must say I equally condemn the article printed by the Washington Post that this newspaper chirped out in your hysteria to attack the President back complete with a near "carbon copy" of an editorial in the Baltimore Sun.  It was a laundry list of Trump's offenses that the media simply cannot resist regurgitating against the President.   I feel I'm watching a fierce fist fight on the playground of the nearest Kindergarten.  As an American citizen interested in an end to poverty and "rat infested" inner cities I must side with the truth of the matter.  The left and the Democratic party have no solution for such abject poverty other than to continue things as they have been for the last fifty years and to claim "racism" if anyone dares point out their colossal failure.   That is at the heart of this latest hysteria.   Those ghettos are a consequence of failed socialistic policies of a left -leaning government that that has never seen a government program it didn't love-- no matter how useless.  The Washington Post and the Democratic party should be furious, I agree, with their own  failure to offer real solutions to these American citizens living in poverty and squalor. "

In my humble opinion.......

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