Friday, July 12, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Reveals White Privilege.......

.............If You're a Sanctimonious Virtue Signaling Goofball

Dear loyal readers, I apologize for my absence but I am back !  Here is a post I thought I had published but I did not., this regarding the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral earlier this year.  A letter writer felt the need to point out how superior he was because he thought about the black churches burned when the world was watching the fire in Paris.  He's so much better than the rest of us ! Definition of "virtue signaling" guys ! 

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire was not immune to the morally superior and politically correct "thought police".  One man felt the need to write the Orlando Sentinel and clarify how he, more than anyone else noticed the glaring failure of his social media friends to keep things in perspective. 

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