Saturday, March 14, 2020

An American Voice

By Charles E. Marshall                                                                               March 14, 2020

     Dear loyal readers-

     I've changed my blog name again.   Since I started this blog back in 2008  it has gone from "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion" to "Marshall in the Middle" back to "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion" and now "An American Voice".    I feel the need to speak up for Americans, all Americans not just the left or the right which is why I chose "Marshall in the Middle".  This title, however, comes off as just a little too "folksy" and it leans towards a humorous  title that lacks serious solutions.   I'd rather introduce my thoughts as being "An American" first and foremost  with ideas that can help all Americans and stand as a living and breathing think tank for new ideas.  Ideas to better society here in America and consequently even the world as America still often stands as a global example.  In addition,  "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion" is too broad in its implied topic and is also a little too familiar and implies levity when that's often not my intent.  I do still want to offer humor for my blogs but that will be more in the fabric of my thoughts and not the overall theme of the blog.  Therefor, the name change.   Also,  in going with the more "formal" approach to this blog I've decided to sign off as Charles E. Marshall instead of Chuck Marshall for the same reasons mentioned above.   I'll always be "Chuck" but for matters reflecting and perhaps affecting the nation I feel "Charles" makes the matter a bit more thoughtful.

Very Sincerely,

Charles E. Marshall

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