Thursday, April 16, 2020

Corona Virus and the Role of Government

By Chuck Marshall

     The Corona Virus (aka COVID19, Chinese Virus,  Wuhan virus, etc....) is changing our world within the matter of two months.  What's going on  ? What's really going on ?

          I have seen many viruses come and go before but I've never seen such a reaction.  Is it the virus or is it the media and government that are causing such distress for all of us ?   Is this a case of the government overreaching or is it a case of them acting in our best interest ?  Is there something they're not telling us ?  Is this a conspiracy to bring Trump down ?  Is it the Chinese sending it to the rest of the world on purpose to create even more disruption and instability in free societies that they would not have to contend with ?

     All of this also lays out the moral decisions of government to demand closing of the entire economy.   Is it necessary ?  Are there other options that might prove better and could keep all of society still working  ?   I suppose we can examine the details of what worked and what did not after all this is over.  Time will tell.   The question is also whether that's the role of government to "protect people from themselves".  I understand halting public gatherings such as sporting events which are purely for entertainment, but church and other benevolent operations could perhaps be allowed more flexibility given certain guidelines.  Shutting down any business, in my humble opinion, is not the role of government.   Individuals have the responsibility to protect themselves and their families.  If a business maintains a limited number of guests or customers to keep space between them then I see no obligation of the government to shut down anything. 

     It's all common sense, but that's sorely lacking these days and our government has no such thing.  It is an elusive frame of thought that seems to have escaped the public domain many decades ago. 

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