Friday, February 26, 2021

Letter to the Orlando Sentinel - COVID19 Lockdowns Draconian

 By Chuck Marshall 

The Orlando Sentinel published my last letter which is always appreciated.  

Letter title was same as above; 

"COVID19 Lockdowns Draconian" 

It was refreshing to read a balanced, intelligent account of the COVID-19 virus regarding an end to the restrictions our government has placed on us (Ross Douthat: “The COVID emergency must end,” Feb. 25).

We were originally told it would take a short time to flatten the coronavirus curve, but that quickly morphed into a year. I always understood the need to lock down parts of society in order to keep the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. But the lockdowns in some areas of the country border on draconian and reveal the dangers of government power. They could not resist using fear to imply that anyone opposed to their ideas doesn’t care about others.

As we have weathered the storm, the Democratic Party managed to whip the free press into full-throttle support for any and all restrictions that could be dreamed up by the so-called experts. A legitimate national emergency quickly declined into another childish partisan battle, with the attending lack of logic and abundance of rhetoric.

Chuck MarshallClermont

Note they did leave off the last sentence for some reason - LOL.  Here it is'

"My hope is one day the press will rise to the occasion and crawl out of the political pigsty and remember its role as a political mediator not a  participant."

Even so, thanks Orlando Sentinel.  


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