Tuesday, April 13, 2021

CNN Caught Revealing What Slime They Truly Are

By Chuck Marshall 

     If anyone needed any convincing, here is a video from Project Veritas scooping CNN with an interview in which one of their directors openly admits what slime bags they are.  "Get Rid of Trump" - Check.   "Stir the Pot of Covid for more fear and ratings"  Check.  Coming Attractions ?  "Global Warming is getting highly dangerous".   Check.  Spreading the terror for money is obviously their modus operandi.  He remarks that the owner of CNN is teaming up with counselors to "decide" what the next big story will be.  I wonder who his "counselors" are ?  

CNN-- Communist News Network (Clown News Network is too kind).  

Please note my recent blog on the Enemies of the People.  We see ridiculous news from the tabloids like "The Star" that people know to ignore., but this isn't a joke news organization.  Some people still believe CNN.  This is outrageous treason against the people.   They should all be tried and hung.  

In my humble opinion....  


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