Thursday, September 22, 2011

Republican Debate: Orlando

So, nothing motivates a blog like watching a political debate !  I'm feeling a little more positive towards a lot of the candidates, but I still favor Mitt Romney as the best choice for the Republican candidate.   I find myself liking Herman Caine a lot too, though..... Ron Paul lost me with his Sept. 11 comment last week.

There are only two that I really think don't belong on the stage;  Michelle -I hate Obamacare-Bachmann and Rick Perry.   But, really most of all I am mystified by Rick Perry. Why does anyone like this guy?   He's slow, his answers are rambling, and I really question his intelligence.  Oh, I also don't like Newt Gingrich.  He gives good answers, he's intelligent and he knows what he's talking about but I just don't like him.  He's just so impressed with himself, isn't he?  He reminds me of a college professor that loves to show off how much he knows and never grades on a curve. 

So, anyway I feel more comfortable that the Republicans might come up with someone I can vote for. 

In My Humble Opinion,

Chuck Marshall

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