Thursday, September 29, 2011

Independents Need Traction - Perry Losing His

As I watch the Republican party transfix the country with their obsession over the Tea Party and never, ever raising taxes, I am more frustrated than ever at the lack of leadership among the independents. Whose fault is it?  Is it because the media simply ignores any Independents?  Do you really HAVE to be in a party to win approval from the public, even a public that is veering away from both parties?   I sincerely feel that most of the Republican candidates are poor.  I don't hear any new ideas except that they want to do away with Obamacare.    I'm tired of having to choose from the two parties., if we can't have an independent movement why can't there be a third more moderate party?

Anyway, it looks like the good news is that Rick Perry, the least literate of all the Republican party candidates and unbelievably the highest in polls earlier this month, has fallen behind Romney again.  How could anyone  vote for that guy to be president?  He grates on my nerves almost as badly as Michelle-I hate Obamacare- Bachman.  He is clearly not very intelligent, a terrible debater, and I totally agree with Mitt Romney., that "it's hard to lose at poker when you've been dealt 4 aces".   Everyone is saying how "good he has done as Texas' governor".   Huh?  Texas, in case anyone doesn't know,  is full of oil.  The whole state is very reliant on oil to move along, and when oil is expensive, Texas reaps the benefits.  This has nothing to do with anything Rick Perry did and everything to do with what what OPEC did.  Texas is the American version of Saudi Arabia, sustaining themselves and their garish, Stetson wearing lifestyles on black gold.  Try again, Tea Party but this time at least consider someone who is narrow minded, but intelligent... not narrow minded and dim witted.

Well, anyway right now I'm still pulling for Romney.  I think once he's done with the ridiculous primary process (another blog on this stupidity soon, I promise !) he'll come out of the closet as the reasonable centrist that I feel we really need.

In My Humble Opinion,

Chuck Marshall

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Apex Blogger said...

I tend to agree with your moderate outlook. But I think human beings have a innate need to identify with groups. Political parties are an example, people often vote for a party, not a candidate. Nothing new to you of course, I'm just agreeing with you.