Monday, September 12, 2011

The Tea Party Debate: Are they the Republican Party Now?

Well, I had to blog out some thoughts on the Tea Party debate tonight.  It seems the Republican party and the Tea Party are merging into one entity !   As an independent I find this concerning because the Tea party is nothing more than the far right of the Republican party.  I'm not saying I disagree with all they say, but I do see them as unreasonable and unwilling to compromise which is very, very bad for our government and how it operates.   As a consequence, it is bad for our country's reputation and economy.  You will never get everyone agreeing with each other, and if you refuse to see the other side, then nothing gets done.  We'll have a government stuck in a quagmire of dispute and indecision.  I see them as very dangerous, not because of their ideology but because of this unreasonable and child-like refusal to work with the other philosophy in governing.   The only way the US government gets anything done is through compromise.

One thing, I would have liked to have heard is how these self-proclaimed Tea Party enthusiasts would deal with a Congress controlled by the Democrats ?  Lets say that the Democrats toss back some of the crap they got back in the debt ceiling debate and they absolutely refuse to deal with the new "Tea Party" president ?   That's a very likely scenario., somebody needs to ask them. 

Another thing I'd like to know is regarding  "Obamacare" they hate so much.  What is their solution to a health care system that is so expensive many, many in the middle class cannot afford it?  Some in the audience vocally approved of the idea to let a person die who is sick but without healthcare?    Is that their solution?  I want an answer to this, not more rhetoric and conjecture. 

Anyway, as the race firms up here.... I see Huntsman and Romney as the only viable choice in this group.

In My Humble Opinion,

Chuck Marshall

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