Monday, August 27, 2012

A Futile Cycle of Government Funded Poverty

I'm feeling sort of guilty for laying into the Republicans last week.  My wife says I was "a bit harsh" and that I'd better treat the Democrats just as bad.  So, there you have it., those are my marching orders.   Also, I did want to apologize for calling the Tea Party - "mouth breathers".   Sorry.

As an Independent who use to be a Republican, I am definitely more "right" leaning than left and the contempt I have for the Republicans and their cronyism goes doubly for the "let us help you out" Democrats. The Democrats in many ways are worse than Republicans because their attitude towards the poor is that they cannot help themselves.  At least the underlying philosophy of the Republicans is that all people are capable of bettering themselves.  They have faith in the abilities of the downtrodden.  The Dems, in essence see  the poor as incapable of bringing themselves out of their situation so the only solution is to steal from the rich via "progressive" taxation.  This has two evils;  1)  The highly condescending attitude that certain groups of people just can't make it on their own.  The poor might love the welfare check they've been promised by the politician but they will never know the fulfillment of getting a job and supporting themselves no matter the struggle required.  The pride of success.  (Not to mention the fact that welfare does not work- it is a futile cycle of government supported poverty ).    2)  Much like any socialist their strategy is to get elected by promising everybody without money the money of those that do have money.   Of course they don't put it like that, they say it's the government's responsibility to "help" the poor.  We all know the  real consequence is it's the money of our future and our children's future that they are spending with such glee and abandon.   In the words of  British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,  "The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money".

The frightening  reality of the words in these blogs regarding our country's two political parties is that each side is so far apart.  They are much further apart than I have seen before.    Neither party is really for the middle class or the small business or for the American people.  They are there for themselves.  That is the sad truth.  As long as each of these parties is swapping power in DC,  our government will be existing first and foremost for itself.    All the talk about working for the American people and "saving the middle class" is nothing more than a lot of empty rhetoric.

Maybe, if he wins, Romney will be different.... Maybe things will change....Maybe.  

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