Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump Children May Win Him the Presidency

By Chuck Marshall 

After writing more than a few blistering criticisms of Republican nominee, Donald Trump, I feel compelled to write tonight about how impressed I am with his children.  Is this his only redeeming quality ?  No, but it speaks the loudest because you can't hide behind how your children turn out.  That is something you really have to own., and with all our faults as human beings, how a parent raises a child and how they mature is significantly connected to the person who raised them, or failed to raise them.  Not all bad kids had bad parents, but I think it's safe to say most good, happy and successful adults have their parents to thank for how they turned out.   That is not just good breeding and wealth (look at Paris Hilton !) that is an effective person behind that kind of success - five times over !     I am very impressed with Donald Trump's kids.

If you're a moderate trying to pick a poison, this may be the deciding factor.  At this point I am pondering Gary Johnson and Donald Trump and THAT is saying something because I really don't care for Donald Trump, but you can't argue with success and he just keeps on winning.  Most importantly, he won with what appears to be a superb job raising four fine adults.  That takes some doing.  Maybe he does have a shot at fixing some our nation's big, bad, audacious problems.  Maybe.

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