Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"I'm With Her" is an "Epic Fail" Slogan

By Chuck Marshall


  But it's pointing right ? 

 Tonight I watch the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.  I missed a lot of last night but  I've heard Michelle Obama's speech was very good, so I'm sorry I missed it.  I also read an article in the paper and a Facebook posting that indicated the Democrats were behaving much better than the Republicans did last week in Cleveland.  Tonight, I'm assuming they've changed their tactic because it seems to be all about Trump and how terrible he is.  I agree the Republicans did this with Hillary, but I can't stand hypocrisy from the left when they say they're "being nicer".   I see very little difference between the two conventions.  Each side is nasty, each is side is highly self-righteous.  I will say though, at the end of the day, shame on the media (both print and television) for being so obviously biased towards the left.   Even 60 minutes offered up   "tea with Hillary" interview in contrast to an outright pummeling of Trump and Mike Pence.  I'm very disappointed in them.  Trump deserved a tough interview after all his boasting and egomania but so did Hillary after a highly publicized e-mail scandal and a questionable record as Secretary of state.  At the end of the day, I see Trump and the Republicans speaking to the left leaning media (CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, etc...)  even though they're often hostile and nasty....  but I don't see any significant player from the Democratic party ever interview with "right leaning" Fox news.  This is cowardly.  

     The other major factor I notice is a huge portion of the speakers tonight are reminding us that Hillary is a female and this would be "historic" to elect a woman as President.  This is one of the main selling points, as far as I can tell !   In my mind this is the least important factor that we have here.  Anyone that votes for a person based on their gender or race is as much a bigot as those that would NOT  vote for someone because of their race or gender.   You diminish that person by basing your choice on something they have no control over.   Therefor. "I'm With Her" is one of the worst slogans I've ever heard.  Donald Trump took advantage  in Cleveland last week by stating in his speech in contrast to being "with her" that he is "with you" he said as he pointed at the camera.  Pretty powerful contrast., and a very clear example of the difference between these two candidates.   This is the biggest gripe I have against the parties over the past 25 years;  neither of them is clearly in the corner of the middle class.  Neither is focused on shedding their "way of thinking" in favor of solutions for the American people.  Donald Trump, with all his bravado and pompous egomania is the first person to point to me and say "I'm With You" and have me believe that could be true.    

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