Wednesday, January 11, 2017

President Obama and Biden Time

By Chuck Marshall

     This will be my last blog focusing on President Barack Obama.  Looking back at my blog history, I really didn't blog about Obama too much, often in reference but never the focus., so this is oddly unusual for me.   When he started his presidency (for the record, I voted for McCain and Romney in both his elections) I felt resigned to the fact and was hopeful he would make good on some of his promises.  I would say he accomplished very little that will last., and most of his Presidency was essentially "biding time".   The Dems would say that's because the Republicans didn't allow him to do anything.  I would say it's the job of the President to work with Congress to get  something done.  The real power to act and move the country forward past rhetoric comes from Congress and the truth of the matter is an effective President needs to also be a good salesman to Congress and the American people.  Obama was not.   

     Last night was the last speech from Obama to the American people.  President Obama is a beautiful speaker.  His ringing oratory is very nearly a work of art,  in my humble opinion.  The problem is they're just words.  Ringing oratory does not move the country forward.  His speeches are like a slice of a favorite page in a history book to be looked at and admired for their sweetness to the ears and heart but -like candy or a summer fling- they cannot be relied on for significant or lasting effect.     

     So now we come to the end of the Obama presidency and what do we have ?  With the exception of the "execution" of Osama Bin Laden and the securing of our country from any "significant" terrorist attack, there is nothing but a long list of executive orders and federal judge appointments and a horrendous health insurance program,  doomed from the very beginning for its lack of ingenuity or bipartisan support.   This very long list of  executive orders can be removed from the law of the land with the stroke of Donald Trump's pen.  In the end, his Presidency didn't accomplish much and really Obama was just "biding time" as the first African-American President.  While that fact is significant,  I'm afraid that will be the extent of what he is remembered for as well.  

*But you very well may read some of his speeches in history books.  


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