Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Diversity of Thought

By Chuck Marshall

     The  reaction of the Democratic party, the media, and Hollywood this past two months is revealing and somewhat frightening to me.   How can any American citizen see the results of an election that we all knew was based on the Electoral College majority, then claim their rightful victory because they won the majority popular vote ?   This is like children  playing a game  and when one of the kids starts to see that he or she is certainly going to lose, that the rules no longer apply because they're "not fair".    In addition, the Russian "hacking" did nothing but report on the trickery of the Hillary Clinton campaign, something American journalists should have been doing themselves but chose not to.    The childish tantrum from the Democrats, I hope and pray, is simply the far left members who tend to be just as ignorant and ridiculous as the "mouth breathers" of the far right wing of the Republican party.

     Those with extremist ideas concern me, not just because their hypocrisy is nauseating, but also because -given the right circumstances- they are ripe for oppressive tactics to seize power and control of the government and society in general.  The Media and Hollywood elites especially concern me because it reveals such hostility to any ideas that don't fit in with their world- view.  The media and entertainment industry are a significant influence to us all regarding ideas and philosophies of  life, so this is no minor point.   These people were not elected for any sort of leadership, and I'm feeling more and more that they are a threat to individualism and liberty through their slanted expressions that allow for no contrary opinions.  To disagree with them is to invite "black balling" and a wall of silence and hostility.  "You are less because you don't think like I do".   Case in point, the ridiculous "commercials" produced by Hollywood stars begging for all manner of people to somehow block or resist the new president-elect Donald Trump.  How are average citizens who voted for Donald Trump supposed to take that ?    These Democrats are all about "diversity" with the glaring exception of "diversity of thought",

     In short, as an American citizen of moderate political beliefs I see the Democrats, the media and the Hollywood elite as openly hostile to me and my country as a sovereign nation with secure borders and independent thought.  It's essential we all fight and resist any and all groups that intend repression of thoughts and express hostile judgment towards those that disagree with them.   I encourage Democrats to muzzle the mouths of your more extreme members and settle down to reorganize your overall strategy as a major political party and remember your historic responsibilities as Americans to respect opposing speech,  ideas and ways of life.  Finally, I encourage the Hollywood activists to "once and for all" shut up.


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