Saturday, December 9, 2017

Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion in Orlando Sentinel Again !

Dear loyal readers-  Once again the Orlando Sentinel flatters me by publishing my words of wisdom.  (At least I like to think!).   I've lost count, but since 2005 I think I'm close to 50 letters published.  I'm not bragging (well, I am sort of) but I just can't keep my mouth shut regarding my opinion.  I am considering returning to my original name for this blog from "Marshall in the Middle" to "Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion".   What do you think ? 

Today,  I'm simply inserting an electronic clip to give it the "air  of authenticity", so I hope that works for all of you and your discriminating tastes.  It's easier on me right now, and I'm feeling sort of lazy.  Have a great Weekend !

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