Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Mother's Day To My Wife

By Chuck Marshall 

     On the eve of Mother's Day, I dedicate this blog to my wife and mother of my two children. She endured communism for 12 years in Cuba and carries the livid disgust for that system of government with her every day. It is the prism through which she sees the world.   

    Today's kids don't remember the "eastern block" as we referred to the Soviet Empire when I was young, but the poverty, misery, suffering, lifeless and miserable existence of communism and the consequences of "group thought" and "government control" should be taught to our children as a requirement in school. We cannot be lazy with this, Americans, we are the living example of the happiness, wealth and joy that is so much more prevalent when it springs from the individual. We can't ever let that slip away. 

**Growing up Communist - Memories of the Soviet Block

**This article encapsulates much of the danger of socialist ideas that are allowed to morph into some sort of answer for all problems and blanket laws that will defeat all "the bad things" that happen in life.  The only ones such a system benefits are those at the top.  The ruling class.  

Happy Mother's Day Janet !  Te Amo Mucho ! 

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