Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Liking Donald Trump

     If you read my blogs during the election of 2016, you'll know I was not a fan of Donald Trump., in fact, I hated him.  I thought he was disgusting, greedy, shifty, slime ball.   In fact, here is a line I extracted from a date during the primaries;   "He is an egomaniac, he's crude, he's inexperienced, he's not eloquent, he holds a grudge, he mocks disabled people, he disrespects women, he feeds off anger, he argues with the pope, he provokes the Muslims, he alienates our allies, he's a poor winner, he's a poor loser, and in some ways he's just plain weird."  That from Feb. 26, 2016 -- http://chuckmarshall.blogspot.com/2016/02/in-trumps-mind-youre-loser.html

     So, clearly I use to be on the "anti-Trump" bandwagon.  But, the biggest thing on my mind back then, and now and always will be is;  "What's best for our country?"  At that time I was convinced that was Marco Rubio who speaks so well, is of Hispanic heritage and could conceivably bring the country together and move forward to tackling the challenges of the 21st Century through free enterprise and what I now call  "individualism" (not conservatism, a term I've really grown to dislike).  If Rubio didn't win, I considered Hillary Clinton the better choice than Trump what with her experience and knowledge of world politics, "How could you choose Trump over her?"  I thought to myself.

     If you've read my blogs you also know that my opinion started to evolve.  As the months went by I grew to appreciate some things about Trump.  (I ended up voting for Gary Johnson, but that was a total  protest vote against the parties.)  Donald Trump was also becoming an obvious enemy to BOTH political parties and that was what I first really liked about him.  Then he started heralding that he wanted to "drain the swamp".  The "swamp", in my mind, features political lobbyists and the so called mainstream media both of whom I vehemently despise.  I think I have written my most vicious blogs against those two vipers with the slime-bag political parties a close third. 

     So, I settled down on election night with my wife ready to watch Hillary Clinton win the presidency.  I watched with detached interest.  After  starting out the night with ambivalence  I then watched with concern.  Could Trump really win this thing ?  What will happen to us ?  The stock market futures were dropping !   Then I started thinking about his "Drain the Swamp"slogan, and I started to calm down.  I started to enjoy it all.   What an upset !  We were watching CNN, and I watched with growing glee as it became obvious that the announcers were NOT happy with the outcome.   They were so unprofessional, so biased, so disgusting that within a two hour period I started liking Donald Trump more out of pure spite against the talking heads.   As time rolled by  I was astounded and shocked at how biased the media had become.  Trump could do nothing right., and upon his swearing in, they nearly lost their minds with bias.  At his first press conference as President,   I listened  as Donald Trump put the media in their place.  All those years of Bush being walked all over and Obama being idolized just melted away.   Trump told them to their face what they are.  I was listening on the radio and I literally felt dizzy with happiness at how he spoke to them.  I realized at that moment, that I was becoming a full fledged Trumpkin.

     After watching the way ALL of DC has mobilized against this man I realize "the swamp" isn't just the media, the lobbyists, and the incompetent- slime bag parties, it's also the entire government.  They are rotten to the core and NOBODY could have brought this out but Donald Trump.  I still think he's an ogre, he's rude, blunt,  he's a terrible speaker, but he is exposing Washington, DC for the cesspool it has become.  Through his actions and determination he is doing a lot of good things.  He is revving up the economy in a significant way.  He is making progress with our enemies and allies.  He's challenging the pharmaceuticals !   I sincerely believe he cares about the common man and loves the USA.  Russian collusion ?  That's an obvious invention of the Dems, the  Mainstream media and apparently the FBI and CIA leadership.   Donald Trump "sneaking" around with the Russians ?  Trump is the most blunt, open book I've ever seen on the national stage.  Why and how could he be so very sly about the Russians ?  Give me a break.

     So there you have it, after  much thought and consideration I have fully evolved to appreciating the hard work, determination, diligence, and surprising intelligence of this man and I feel he is exactly what our country needs right now.  Maybe later we can go back to "eloquence" and flourishing speeches, and hyperbole, but right now we need "bigly" action, in a big way.   I fully support President Donald Trump.  He is what is best for our country right now.

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