Friday, October 9, 2020

Undecided Voter Missing in Action

 By Chuck Marshall 

                                                Poll Pie Chart from 2012 

Dear Wise Readers--

     I continue my criticism of the Corporate Media in this blog.  Why ?  Mainly because I see them as a window into just how corrupt our government and world has become.  They feel they have and SHOULD have the power to tell us how to think.  I disagree.  The power is with the people, and until they respect that fact I will continue on with my perpetual attacks.   In my writing I often refer to Mad King George, as a parallel to our American Revolution.  In case anyone missed it., THEY - the corporate media- are "Mad King George"., and it is our responsibility to remove them from their throne. 

Does anyone else wonder why there is no such thing as "undecided" in the corporate media's hysterical, vapid, empty -headed coverage of elections ? I noticed this in 2016 and this year I haven't seen any promoted poll that even refers to the undecided. It's almost like they like to manipulate the public somehow because "undecided" gives too much power to the public. THEY call the shots, not us. At least for now. Also, no "other" groups- Libertarian, Green Party, etc.... They no longer exist ? It's as if they need that battle going on between the two. In pure speculation I would assume it's because it's more profitable to have a battle between two goliath giants than including pesky "other" groups that might interrupt the boxing match. In addition my previous blog referring to the international corporations and governments needing easy access to our legislators. Any "minor" party could interrupt that flow just as Donald Trump has been a major speed bump in their plans.

In My Humble Opinion.

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