Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm a lame Gator Basketball fan. Very Lame.

OK, I have to admit I'm guilty. I doubted my Gators this year in Basketball. After they lost to UCF, I figured it was another disappointing season of being "almost" good enough for the playoffs. But, wow, they just beat BYU in the "Sweet 16" and are now one of the best 8 basketball teams in the country !

So now, I feel like a fair weather fan., getting all excited that my team is in the run for the national championship but I wasn't really there during the season. I console myself that I have 2 kids, work is busy, I'm busy, blah, blah, blah.... but I still feel lame.

I'm also so lame that I didn't even watch tonight's game ! I watched the UCLA game last week, and I remembered their game was tonight, but I got home and started getting occupied with stuff around the house and I totally forgot. How lame is that?! Lame, lame, lame.

I vow now, that next year I'm going up to Gainesville to see a basketball game before it's clear if they're any good or not. I refuse to only be there when they're knocking at the door of a national championship. I go to football games when they're not that great (that's so rare though) I should also go to the basketball games, right?

I also suck because UF's track team won the National Championship, and I was never at any track meets (even though I ran track in High School-although badly), nope. So, I'm also a lame Gator Track and Field fan.

So, there it is... I'm a lame Gator basketball fan, lame Gator track and field fan.... and baseball? Ok, I still have time for baseball ! I still have a chance to make amends for my basketball and track and field lame "ness" by getting my butt up to Gainseville to see a baseball game. But, spring is busy for me, and I'm not a big baseball fan anyway, and, etc, etc... Lame, lame, lame.

I'm a lame Basketball, Track and Field, Baseball Gator fan. But, maybe I can make it up with football., OK, I'll make it up by being a fanatical Gator football fan. The only problem with that is.... I ALREADY AM A FANATICAL GATOR FOOTBALL FAN ! Lame.

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Unknown said...

Alright... so you were a little lame. The good news is that just as you said, there's always next year. And don't worry. If you start slacking, I'll remind you of your previous tendency to lameness.:)