Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Politically Party Pooped

So, once again a topic of debate is running its course through the media and once again both parties are pointing their dirty little fingers at each other for all each other's wrongs. It has become a "cottage industry" whereby many, many people in the media make a living off of the discourse. Like a never ending boxing match, the two pummel each other with statistics and name calling, meanwhile the American people are not being served and our country looks foolish with an indecisive leadership that is motivated above all else to make each other look bad.

I recently received a letter form my US Representative, Rich Nugent. His letter began with what he's doing to "stop" Obama. So, what about the people who DID vote for Obama? I guess, right now they're just total losers and that's too bad for them? I voted for McCain and voted heavily Republican in the last election and to be honest I am starting to regret it (the second part). I understand being opposed to the President's policies and voicing your displeasure, but I think an American legislator should respect that his constituents are a varied group. It is only basic tactfulness to hold the political rhetoric and tell me what you're doing to make our country a better place to live not how you're working to bring down the President. There has to be a better way to word these letters than encouraging more discourse. Am I the only one totally pissed off by this?!

Here is the breakdown of political parties in Florida;

Republican 4,050,706

Democrat 4,621,056

Minor 362,722

None 2,211,576

Total 11,246,060

So, Congressman Nugent you might consider this fact the next time you send a partisan letter (paid for by our taxes .... which really pisses me off because we are subsidizing their sand box battles). You and all your "co-workers" there in Washington are working for ALL of us, not just the Republicans of us. All Americans (including Republicans) should be enraged by this empty-headed rhetoric we hear every day.

By the way, which topic was I referring to in my introduction? Take your pick.

Independently yours,

Chuck Marshall

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