Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Always College?

I've been irritated by what I call "non-college bigotry", for a while now. By that I mean any time you hear the President, or a congressman, or any leader of any sort discuss post-high school education they elaborate on how we should be sending all our kids to college to get a degree from a University. I think our leaders and opinion leaders should also throw AS MUCH support for technical schools so kids can learn a trade if that's what they want to do. I never hear them mention the need for more talented metal workers, carpenters, plumbers, farmers, chefs, craftsmen of any variety.... or any career that requires specialized talent and/or creative capacity such as an artist. We're all suppose to want our kids to become a Scientist or a Doctor, a lawyer, a Business Executive, an Engineer (or the most lucrative of all careers "a lobbyist"... but that's another topic !) There is little respect for those kids that like to work with their hands.

If you studied psychology in high school (or college) you remember there are different types of intelligence. If I remember correctly, there is Academic, Mechanical and Social intelligence. As I see it, there are many people who are mechanically inclined and they need to get their hands into their work to be fulfilled. That's why they are so dang bored in the classroom. I think we as a society need to start respecting our differences and support our kids that have a different intelligence or talent that is no less important to the making of a happy society. In fact, talent like this seems missing in the world. Notice the crowds that gather to see anyone "making" something out at Disney or at a farmer's market. I'm as fascinated by the Cake Boss as I am by the engineers that send rockets into space. It should all be celebrated !

We are all equal in God's eyes with our own unique talents. We've got to stop shoving everybody in our country into an "academic" mold, just to suit the mistaken and evil idea that such a course through life is superior to all others.

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