Monday, July 30, 2012

Intelligent Government, An Oxymoron ? Part 3

Remove the Money from the Election Process
(The Election Reform Amendment- Article 1)

Here it is loyal readers !  The first installment of what I think would be the best approach to turning our government into a thinking, intelligent and wise organization instead of the blithering, idiotic, colossally incompetent group of greedy, power-hungry toads that it is now.

Remove the money.  In other words, all elections are no longer funded by anyone at all.  Most people I mention this to are totally confused because they (and all of us) are so use to elections costing as much as a billion dollars (ie,  for the presidential election for 2008).  But why does it cost that much?  Because of media advertisements.   Television commercials are the bulk of it, but also newspaper ads, political signage, mailers, etc.....  The overwhelming majority of the expenses for campaigns are for the marketing.  Why is marketing necessary?  It's not if you look at the election process from a different perspective.  Think about it, all citizens need is the following to make an educated decision;

1) To hear each candidates opinions on all major issues of the day in their own words
2)  To hear the candidate speak in an address to their constituents as to what their vision is for the future.
3)  To read a list of each candidate's opinion on all the major issues of the day.
4)  To hear the candidates debate each other in a moderated fashion.
5)  To read and understand each candidate's qualifications/resume.  Much like a job interview., "What about your experience makes you qualified for this leadership position that you desire?".
6) Any and all prosecuted crimes to be fully disclosed.  Any and all matters that have fallen under the eyes of the court in the past, including divorce, etc.... are to be fully disclosed.

None of this requires all the marketing nonsense we are constantly exposed to.  All that's required is the following;  1) publication of these points listed above via the media  2)  Public buildings for the speeches and debates.  3) A process for selecting the nominees that will yield the best possible people for these positions.

No money required.

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