Monday, January 25, 2016

Election Process Fails All of Us


      It's all a game.  That's what the problem is with our election process.   It has turned into a game- just like football or basketball- where we have the Left VS the Right and it all becomes about the game and not about the actual issues.  The ideas to fix our country are never the focus.  This is why nothing ever gets fixed and why we're in the middle off the most inept., incompetent, disgraceful government the United States has ever had.  It's all a game.  When the focus is the disagreement then the solutions become secondary.  When the focus is specific faults of the candidates' personalities that have nothing to do with leadership., then it's a game.   When it's about who can get the most attention due to outrageous comments,  then it's a game.   The citizens of the United States and the world deserve better than this !  I mention the world because we are the leaders of the world.  The world has little hope of stability and prosperity under the leadership of any other country.  We are it, and we've turned the entire process of Democracy into a game.

     Who's at fault for the game we call politics ?  We all are, because we'd rather watch the candidates at each other's throat than listen to plausible solutions.  We want the game because it's easier to lay back and be entertained rather than think hard about the issues and work to distinguish who can help move our country and the world towards solutions to the problems at hand,  The half-truths that the candidates feed the people are meant for the uninformed American public because it's easy to confuse an issue and disguise the truth from the people under such circumstances.   Political ads, at their core, are all lies.  We're so close to solving serious problems but the brass ring continues to elude us.  We still have wars and recessions and poverty and pollution and uneducated children because we refuse to cooperate and be smart and select leaders who will lead us and bring solidarity and progress    We refuse to do the work that needs to be done therefor we allow the political parties and the media and special interest to lead us by the nose down roads that lead to THEIR  prosperity and THEIR opportunity and THEIR power.  We are the enablers.

     What's the solution ?  1) Remove money from election process in totality. There was a time when elections were the candidates, the voters and a ballot box.   The problem is there's  money to be made, but why is that the obligation of the citizen to allow that ?   2)  Remove any and all advantages that the dominant political parties have in the election process AND in the governing process.  In the beginning of our republic there were no parties and things still "got done".  3)  Educate our children to understand and scrutinize their leaders and to participate in the that they see the complexity of the issues not the "black and white" that we've all been brought up on;  the "left vs "right", "Democrat vs Republican", "conservative vs liberal"  bunk that the media has spoon fed us for so long.  It only behooves  them and their political cronies to maintain the status-quo.  There will always be disagreement, but that should not stop action to  minimize the struggles of the every-day citizen and to encourage liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We have it in our power to do this.  We owe it to our children to fix this thing we call politics.

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