Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Age of Incompetence - 2015 Reviewed

by Chuck Marshall

 Dear devoted readers,

 As we bid 2015 farewell, I'd like to review some of the more irritating stories of 2015 because that makes me feel better.  Somehow it's the ointment that soothes the swelling of my discontent.  These are in no particular order, so just see them as all equally irritating in my eyes.

Donald Trump-  I have written a couple of blogs regarding "the Donald" and I even had a letter published criticizing him to the local bugle,  "The Orlando Sentinel".  My feelings are a little more lenient as I've gotten use to his antics and I see him as less "concerning" and more as an "opportunistic egomaniac" who knows how to use the press.  He's also a smart businessman, and this is all just business to him.  As much as I don't want him to be President, I do see the appeal in his humor and his success in the business world.  We've let the lawyers and bureaucrats run the show for so long, I sincerely don't see how he could do any worse.  As for all his statements that "alarm" the press and the left.... nearly all of these are impossible for him to do - he knows it and the press knows it but it gets him attention and it gets the press "eyeballs" and that's all either of them really cares about.  If  his fans really believe he can do these things he promises then they need to crack open their 8th grade civics book.  I say that with the caveat that all politicians do the same thing, but Trump is a lot more clever about it.   He lies like all of them, but he just lies BIGGER .   Used car salesmen promise "it's the best value"  but  Donald Trump  is the only one with the nerve to promise it will also fly.      

Climate Change (or whatever you want to call it) -   This is such a political "hot potato" but in my humble opinion, it should not be.  If the scientists say it's a problem then I certainly don't have the knowledge to argue with them.  Why would they lie ?  Are they all Democrats ?   And, if I might add... assuming they are correct then it's everybody's problem not just the Democrats.  The controversy really lies more in the solution than the actual problem.  The Republicans have allowed the Democrats to steal this one right from under their noses with the notion that the only way to fix it is through the government.  The conservatives need to start offering solutions to this problem and not keep trying to deny it's even a problem    Remember, this is our planet - our children and grandchildren will be the ones who pay if we don't get this right.  The right needs to get their head out of their ass and propose free enterprise solutions to a real problem.  All problems have the  highest potential to be solved from both the government and free enterprise.--that is--when both act in concert.  It's not that complicated.

ISIS/ISIL/Daesh/Nazis/ Scum -  Please can we at least come to an agreement on what to call them ?  This group of murderers is getting so much attention and often it seems there is a desire in the media to blame someone.  Was it Bush for invading Iraq ?  Was it Obama's fault for withdrawing form Iraq?  Was it Obama for not stepping in when it started looking bad in Syria several years ago ?  Is it Europe's fault for being spineless cowards in the face of such a nearby threat ?   Is it the moderate Muslims for not expressing enough outrage ?  Is it our fault for provoking extremist Muslims ?    In my humble opinion, it's all of the above but MOSTLY it's the fault of ISIS themselves.  They are the ones "doing" it after all.   Now, let's coordinate with the non-murdering world to remove these scum from power.

National Debt-  It's now nearly $19,000,000,000,000- That's Trillions.  The Demcorats?  In my mind this is the left version of "Global Warming".  They have their heads up their ass as they seem to think it's absolutely no problem - even offering all kinds of new goodies to hand out such as free college education.  It is a total outrage that this is such an ignored issue by the left.   I promise you though that they will pay attention when  our nation veers towards bankruptcy but then, as with Global Warming,  it may be too late.  

The Political Parties-  Today we are looking at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the most probably options for the general election.  Do I really need so say anything else regarding both groups and their total failure to the American people?

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