Friday, January 15, 2016

The Federal Deficit and Trinkets

By Chuck Marshall

                                                                    Correction:  19 Trillion 

     Is it just me  or does it seem like both parties are missing the mark on the deficit ?   The Democrats see it as “no problem” and they’re perfectly willing to spend more money with new ideas for funding every manner of life to the lower income public;    Community college, medical,  cell phones.  Perhaps they can start sending poor people on cruises so they can clear their mind and  “find their center”.    They offer trinkets to the poor folks--- it’s what they do !  It’s best described as “Socialism".  "You vote for me and I'll get you things".   

     The Republicans, on the other hand,  see it as a problem but they’re much more inclined to CUT taxes since that would “bring more jobs”  (and I suspect it wouldn’t hurt those that fund their careers too much either).   But,  if they were totally honest they would admit that there is no clear “causal” effect between cutting taxes and the consequent jobs that would be created... besides at 5% unemployment I don’t think the the situation is that urgent.    Certainly not to the level they claim with their siren calls for more jobs !  Also, as I understand it,  if you cut taxes that will INCREASE the deficit, not reduce it.   There IS a causal effect there !  So, with all due respect to their need to help out our wealthy countrymen,  I don’t see how that’s going to fix the problem we have.     In a nutshell,  the Republicans offer trinkets to the rich folk in the way of tax cuts and tax advantages to the largest corporations.   It’s best described as  “Crony Capitalism”.  "You fund me and I'll help you get away with things".  

     I’m in the middle and I want trinkets too.  I want a government that recognizes the severity of the situation and is willing to cut the waste of our bloated government and revisit  our process of taxation so that it makes sense.  Let's get money coming in from EVERYONE – including the spoiled rich cronies that fund the politicians’ careers.    I want the trinket of the peace of mind that must come when you have a wise government that makes sage decisions for the good of the country.   It’s best described as  “Common Sense”.   "You vote for me and I'll do my job".  

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