Monday, February 13, 2017

Progressive Media Treasonous to Americans

By Chuck Marshall

                  The Progressive News Media and their Entertainment Minions 

      I feel so frustrated because I can't just sit down and watch the news like I use to or be entertained.    All I hear is biased nonsense.   I hear fear.   I hear "half truths".  I hear total lies.  What has happened to our journalists ?  Have they all completely lost sense of what's right, what's fair and what's honorable ?  I don't hear the truth anymore.  The election of Donald Trump has revealed a side of the mainstream media that genuinely alarms me.  Their misleading stories and biased commentary are so obvious a High School student would recognize it.  Their dignity is gone and they've reduced themselves to yellow journalists resembling The National Enquirer or The Star.  On a good day they might be more appropriately compared to "People" magazine with their groveling towards Hollywood and anyone with a lot of money.  Except Donald Trump of course.  He promises to stand up for the common man which is a threat to the cozy situation all the highest powers have between each other.    The media is a serious part of the problem we have today in our country.  I wrote a scathing blog criticizing the Democratic party, but in a lot of ways it's the left leaning media that is truly at the heart of the problem we have today.   The Democratic party is essentially their lapdog.  

     The Mainstream media is still in a frenzy because their choice for POTUS was not chosen.     They do not see themselves as covering history, they see themselves as  producing history but conservative victories keep preventing that !   They wanted their first woman POTUS !  So, they do not seek the truth but they produce their own version of the truth that makes them feel important and as having higher morals because they're so politically correct and superior as compared to middle America.   Their best friends in Hollywood and at the helm of talk shows the world over and all manner of entertainment are startled and shudder that perhaps  they are not the center of the universe and it's revealing an attitude and a mindset that is walled off around their mansions with no openness to any opinion other than their own .  In short, the mainstream media and it's "over the top" opposition to a free election and all their minions in the entertainment world are treasonous towards our country.  

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