Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What Does the Democratic Party Stand For ?

By Chuck Marshall

     What does the Democratic party stand for ?  I hear speeches and passion regarding immigrants and overseas refugees, but I don't hear passion regarding the American poor and despondent.   I don't hear passion regarding the average middle class American citizen.   I do hear condemnation of "white privilege" which is such an  insulting label to the millions of white citizens who struggle to stay on their feet every day.   I don't hear a belief in the common man and his abilities, but I hear quite a bit about his or her race and gender and religion and sexual preference -devices for division.   I don't hear concern for people who have lost their manufacturing jobs this past 20 years due to globalization, but I do hear defense of  foreign nationals who are willing to sneak into our country and undercut wages due to their familiarity with near poverty income.  I don't hear about giving the people power, enabling them with liberty,  I only see half truths about how all minority groups are helpless victims.  

     I don't see a sympathy or outcry against the outrageous bias we see in many of the networks and mainstream media and  I don't see regret for colluding with the media  to help Clinton win the election.  The cheating and lack of fair play this past election was clearly defined, but there was no apology or regret from the left.  There was no ownership for these transgressions against the American people.

     Before the election H.Clinton was adamant that Trump and his followers must accept the results of the election.   But witness this past few months !  We've seen the fits, tantrums, riots, and fires and near sedition from the losing side like our country has never seen.  Yet, we hear nothing from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama condemning these actions.    We hear Chuck Schumer, the "de facto" head of the Democratic party express outrage for an action taken by President Trump which was the exact same action taken by Obama in 2015.  We hear Nancy Pelosi praise the supreme court   justice nominee Neal Gorsuch and in the next breath condemn him for intending to take away women's rights.  Neal Gorsuch was voted UNANIMOUSLY  by both parties only a few years ago to the federal appellate court.  Nothing has changed on his resume but that the country is paying attention and so the Demcrats are posing.  It's always party first.

   I  see no solutions from the Democratic party other than an even larger and more bloated government and a never- ending debt that our children will not see the end of.   They claim to be for the poor, the immigrant, the Muslim, the gay man, the lesbian woman,  the Hispanic, the black man, the weak and the refugee.  I don't see it.   I see that they use them all but I don't see that they stand for them.  They use them by convincing them that the other side hates them, that the other side is against them.  They are the devil whispering in their ear, preying on their fears and lack of confidence.    I know the Republicans are not innocent by any stretch of the imagination., but the Democratic party has become a double talking, deceitful, selfish, spoiled mob of malcontents with much more sympathy for the suffering of foreign nationals and illegal immigrants than for the needs and angst of the American people.

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