Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Comfort the Afflicted & Afflict the Comfortable

By Chuck Marshall


                    CNN Executive Ted Turner's Island Estate - He Understands Your Struggles 

     I recently heard a recording on a radio station (yes, a conservative  radio station and yes, I know they are often "unglued") but I like their spunk and I especially like their disdain for the "politically correct" talking heads of our nation who say all the right things but lack sincerity in their coverage.  They're more "real".   Anyway, they played a recording of a  CNN Executive speaking to a group of journalists;   He asks "what is your job?".  They all answer to "tell a story", and he answered  "yes, yes to tell a story" but also "to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable".   First of all, I thought the  job of journalists was to seek the truth, but if "telling a story" is what they teach at the Universities then who am I to argue ?  Second,  I cannot conceive of a more "comfortable"  group of people in need of "afflicting" than the mass media talking heads and their executive masters.  They (CNN, MSNBC, and all the major networks) along with the career politicians, and lobbyists of DC and all the pretty people out in Hollywood, CA cooped up in their mansions (cue the garish Academy Awards from Sunday night, I could gag from their pretentious political correctness- they are the definition of hypocrisy).  ALL of these groups with a total lack of awareness towards how real people live.  These "talking heads" and "stars" and "bureaucrats" would be advised to take out a mirror or go to the nearest restroom to take a good long look.   YOU are the privileged ones   YOU are the comfortable ones needing affliction.  Which brings to mind the old saying;  "You can't see the Forest for the Trees".   Could it be that Donald Trump is the "affliction" THEY all need ?   Could he be the one to "show them to the forest" so to speak ?  We will see.

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