Friday, September 1, 2017

Advice to Thinking Democrats.....

Free of charge !!

    By Chuck Marshall

      I have been writing this blog for nearly 10 years.  In it I hope I have had some very small positive impact on how our country is governed.  I pride myself on working hard to write more moderate, centrist opinions but I know I don't always succeed at that.  The established parties are an enemy of the people and of liberty (at least right now)  and their political extremists are what truly enrage me.  That is why this blog is often vicious and venomous.   I frequently attack the parties for their inanity and corruption and blatant stupidity and part of me regrets how truly easy that is to do.   Currently I see the Democrats as being obstructionist beyond a reasonable level and their cozy relationship with the mainstream media (MSM) does far more damage to our country than any stupid meeting between Donald Trump's minions and the Russians- even if it DID happen.  So, my anger is more directed towards the left these days.  I know I sometimes come off as an "angry white guy" (there,a bone to chew on for liberal readers)  who is intolerant of  liberal ideas.  This is sincerely not true,  but in our times the predominant liberal thoughts have turned to labeling, categorizing, and above all else political correctness that separates us as a people.  They are unreasonable in their demands (remove statues of Columbus?  Ban "Gone with the Wind"? ) and behave like enraged children when they don't win an election.   They are self- righteous, patronizing, obsequious, condescending spoiled brats with no new ideas other than to support removing symbols of American history without public debate,  to preen their moral superiority (supposed) for us all to see,  and to present to the world their very, very low opinion of Donald Trump.

       It has been mentioned many, many times that the Democrats have never had such low representation at the national and the state levels.  Why are the Democrats in such trouble ?   Perhaps all those years of riding Obama's coat tails have made them soft and mushy.  All those press conferences where their friends in the MSM were nodding their heads in agreement with all that Obama  proclaimed have made them weak and incapable of challenging questions.  Their tactic today is to stomp their feet and hang on the fact that dimwitted Hollywood loves them and that the MSM still rallies to their every point of view,  no matter how ridiculous.  Their historically low fund raising is evidence of their declining influence.  A full 90% of the public does not trust the MSM, so the Dems would be wise to distance themselves from their pets at CNN, etc...and establish some "meat and potatoes" to serve the American people for the next round of elections.  The American people are fuming at the government and the establishment and seeing millionaire celebrities cuss and crucify any ideas contrary to the leftist thought could be the poison that ends the Democratic party.  The recent MTV American music awards featured a "Fu** Donald Trump" rap song.   Yes, if you weren't aware, it's that bad.  

     I leave all Democrats with this final sobering thought.  The shocking success of Donald Trump may not be over any time soon.  In fact, this could be just the beginning as he seems to be swinging many candidates for Congress to his "way of thinking".  It could get much worse for you.   Get your act together and start acting like adults with real ideas for real Americans.   America needs the two political parties to discuss differing ideas like adults.  We want wisdom, compromise, and levity.  We want the success of the everyday American middle class citizen to be at the forefront of your mind.  We need leadership  not a bunch of followers chasing after mobs with a vendetta against the nearest statue.  Like a very cheap wine, it might taste good and get you liquored up with your moral preening,  but in the morning you will suffer a hangover to last for the ages.  

In My Humble Opinion

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