Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tyranny of the Democratic Party

     I got into a bit of a debate with a Facebook friend today.  He essentially was diminishing the actions of Trump and Kim Jong Un's Summit with this post: 

"The North Korea "summit" doesn't seem to be about denuclearization but about a megalomaniacal dictator who wants the illusion of legitimacy by having this meeting."  

Of course all his liberal friends jumped in with agreement and answered him with the very predictable "which dictator are your referring to?".   Ha Ha.  Well, all that didn't set too well with me so I had to reply... know me !   "If there's a dictatorship today it's the Democratic party refusing to accept a duly elected President & that is actively working to remove him from power for Trumped up reasons. Excuse the pun..."

The liberals  went into full "apoplectic" mode and they expressed great confusion at my comment. (not surprising for many reasons)   So, I decided I needed to draw a picture for them since they've been "dimwitted" by the idiocy of CNN, et al.  I stated: 

      "Let me walk you through it 

1) Dems have control of government through the massive DC establishment.  Massive government is a Democratic ideal, so it stands to reason they are very involved in the workings of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc... They hate Trump, just like you- especially those at the top.     
 2) Prez Obama decided he had to guarantee Clinton won the election because Trump was unacceptable - that should be very easy to imagine for all of you cause you'd probably do the same thing. 
3) Obama instructs his "besties" at the FBI to "spy" (or whatever you want to call it) on the Trump campaign and even gets help from establishment Republicans to set up a fake dossier that speaks of Trump doing obscene things with a Russian prostitute. 
4) The media - always essentially towing the Democratic philosophy-- are only too happy to help by spreading the "fake news" regarding Trump's Russian prostitute to their buddies in the other networks. Additionally, CNN even fed debate questions to Hillary. 
5) Once Trump won, VERY unexpectedly, the Obama administration and the FBI knew they could be exposed- so they decide to essentially "frame" Trump for "collusion" with the Russians (which actually isn't even a crime). Their hope is to stall and badger Trump along with their "besties" in the media with full throttle, daily attacks on him to the point he can't even do ice cream right. Maybe break him ? Then, hopefully get a Democratic congress in the midterms and somehow impeach him. 
6) In conclusion- the Democratic party under Pres Obama and with help from his administration, the FBI and the DOJ conspired to remove the decision of the American people to elect Donald Trump by conspiring against said President. You know this is true because all of you would have done the exact same thing--- your hate for Trump is so blinding to you that you're missing the fact that you are endorsing the Democrats efforts to rule America without having legally been elected. Dictatorship."

The Democratic party, much like the Republican party before Trump, is focused on only what's best for IT.  What's good for the country is of very minor importance.  They are treasonous and they are fully capable of tyranny if allowed to control our government ever again.  We must never let that happen.  Vote in your elections, vote for ANYONE- Independents, Libertarians, Green Party, Republican... but DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRATIC !  Their behavior and actions this past year have removed their right to rule any office in our country ever again........

In My Humble Opinion.  

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