Friday, October 18, 2019

Treason Against the American People

By Chuck Marshall

     The Democratic leadership and their minions in the mainstream media have refused to accept the will of the people.  They have taken over Congress and used it as a weapon against a President they despise rather than as a tool of the people they supposedly represent.  They are a party searching for a crime.  They are not interested in the United States or its people they are interested in their own party, their own feelings and their need to feel virtuous and superior to the rest of the world.  That world includes the poor people they claim to be so concerned about.  Make no mistake, they don't sincerely care about these people except at a very superficial level.  What they really care about is controlling all those minds.   They are addicted to their ideas of government where it solves all the problems and they are the "solvers".  They despise  Donald Trump because he is the first Republican since Ronald Reagan with the guts to stand up to them and their minions in the national media.  He has dared to try and "drain the swamp" they so adore.  He must be stopped at all costs in their minds.  

   What has been the crime of Donald Trump ?   Everything he has done is exactly what all manner of government leaders have done for the last 30 years except that they hate him- so what is normally ignored or minimized has become worthy of impeachment.   What they normally see as  "part of the job" has become a "dangerous crime" that must be investigated and prosecuted. 

What has Donald Trump done ? 

     He has kept our country out of war.  Despite the government's normal tendency to use our young men as a tool to get what they want on the world stage- that this be virtuous or not is beside the point- he has reduced the need for troops in the world.  The conquest of ISIS alone has saved thousands of lives, both American and not American.   In fact, he has done what he said in the election-  kept us out of wars and brought many of our troops home.  The world is not ours to control militarily and if some other power wants to walk in and try to control it themselves, then let them.  There are other, more effective ways to influence foreign powers that do not require we sacrifice our young men.   It's called negotiation.  Such  an idea has been foreign to our government for a long time.  The answer has always been to step in and spend more of our money and spill more of our children's blood to get what the old men want. 

     He has established a roaring economy.    Through deregulation and a reduction in taxes he has established a solid economy from the most basic of economic facts that any student understands at a gut level;  Money begets more money.  A thriving commerce is good for everyone in society.  Anything that gets in the way of commerce should be scrutinized and minimized to encourage a flourishing market.  That he has done.  Again, exactly what he said he would do in his campaign. 

     He has exposed the media for their partisan politics.  Witness the faces of the mainstream media the night he won the elections.  The man they thought they were using to get a Democrat in the White House actually won !  Not only did he win but he is the most obnoxious and crass of all the Republican candidates.  "Oh, woe is me"  you could hear them cry in their hearts.  The last three years has simply solidified the horrifying fact that the mainstream media is "all in" for the Democrats and their ideas and any Republicans are to be scrutinized and minimized as much as possible.  It wasn't all in the  imagination of conservatives after all !   It looks like this bias been abundant since around the election of JFK in 1960.   The partisan nature of the mainstream media and whoever controls them is now an obvious fact.   The election of Donald Trump is a consequence of the media and their games.  I supported Marco Rubio whom they clearly disliked because they could see he might beat Hillary Clinton.  Their games came back to haunt them and hopefully - history will show- that was the beginning  of the end of this silent tyranny we've all been living under for more than 50 years.  

      Really, the biggest crime of them all is the Democrat controlled Congress.   It seems the job of congress is no longer to represent the citizens of their districts but it is to go after political opponents and make money off the American taxpayer. I thought they represented all the people but today they only represent the citizens belonging to their party and whatever corporate crony or special interest is paying their bills. We live in a time of extremist tyranny where we have a government caught up in partisan politics and cronyism to the point that it no longer functions.

In My Humble Opinion.....

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