Friday, October 25, 2019

How the Media Sold Me On Donald Trump

By Chuck Marshall


     The Donald.  Trump.  President Trump.  I don't think any single person has elicited such emotion from the general population as Donald Trump.  "Love him or hate him" should be his motto because that's how it is in America right now.  You either love him or hate him.  I actually don't love or hate him but I am amused by him and I understand what he's doing.  I've heard many Democrats go on about how stupid he is but if  there's one thing I can say with the utmost of confidence-  Donald Trump IS NOT stupid.   

     Before the elections of 2016 I hated Trump.  I thought he was exactly what all the Democrats think of him.  Just fill in the blank and that's what I thought of him !  Among the Republican candidates I was a very big Marco Rubio supporter.  I even did volunteer work for Rubio and registered as a Republican so I could vote for him in the primaries here in Florida.   Spanish speakers refer to him as "the silver tongued one" and he is in Spanish and in English,  IMHO. The reasons for my support were multiple, but I especially admire his great eloquence.  (something even Trumpkins cannot claim of The Donald is eloquence)   I still think Rubio is the smartest Republican of significant status in Washington, DC.   The mainstream media disliked Rubio because it was obvious he could beat Hillary Clinton,  so they attacked Rubio but left Trump alone during the primaries thinking there was "no way" Trump could beat Hillary.  This they lived to regret.   The conservative media disliked Rubio because he's always been open to negotiating with the Democrats and getting things done for a change in DC.

      My opinion of "The Donald"  changed on election night.  After mourning the defeat of Marco Rubio - who was clearly the best candidate IMHO- I dismissed all politics from my life and watched casually as "The Donald" and "Hillary" fought it out.  I watched the debates and considered it was like watching professional wrestling VS Greco Roman Wrestling.  Hillary was the strong "traditional" politician, Trump was the "no holds barred" outsider.  Neither really won the debates because neither was playing the same game.  In the end Trump won, of course, because he walked away with the election.

     My opinion of "The Donald" changed in the hours that he looked like he was going to win the election that Tuesday night.   My opinion changed because overnight I witnessed the mask on the Mainstream media come falling off their faces.  The normal "feigned neutrality" of media was in full tailspin over Trump's election and their Halloween masks slipped off as they revealed their preference for our leadership in government.   They prefer Democrats and their ideals of government control.  None of it was an illusion of the right, it was actually very true and they no longer hid it.  The rest of the story is the continual battle between them and "The Donald" as they and the Dems hilariously attempt to remove him from office for doing the very things their buddies in the Democratic party do with almost no accountability.

     After watching the shock of Donald Trump's election, it occurred to me that I might actually enjoy watching the professional wrestler take on the media conglomerates and their minions in the Democratic party.  I no longer felt ill at his insults to his political opponents and I enjoy the news conferences where he told the Democratic reporters what he really thought of them and their "fair" coverage.  I can't imagine Marco Rubio surviving the scathing attacks of the media but The Donald not only survives it,  he relishes it !  The irony is they are the cause of his success with their  primary coverage favoring Trump.  They fuel the fire of his obnoxious personality with their sanctimony and self righteous virtue signalling and shrill coverage over "non issues" that only matter to people who watch soap operas.  They and the Democrats had a good thing going but I know most conservative Americans will never trust them again.  Gone are the days of polite manners while our government and the media coordinate the removal of individual rights, one at at time.  Drain the swamp Donald !   Drain the Swamp.

In My Humble Opinion.


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