Monday, April 28, 2008

Environmental Concerns

Well, I am happy to report that another of my letters was published in the illustrious Orlando Sentinel yesterday, April 27, 2008. I'm especially happy with this one as it takes a pretty hard dig at the lobbyists, aka "special interests".

For your viewing pleasure, titled "Tainted Springs- 2038"

Once again I am reading an editorial outlining an issue of contention (in this case our endangered springs) in which the reason we should all be concerned is because special interests (in this case a "group of builders") are motivated to block any governnment requirements because it would cost them money. Why should this fact (whether it be a septic tank or a billboard or carbon emissions) stop our leaders from doing what is right for all of us? It is not our government's obligation to make sure all businesses are are rolling in the profits. In a truly capitalist society a change in the rules often simply spawns other forms of business. Opportunity for a smaller, smarter rival. Survival of the fittest. It's healthy for all of us. As it stands, our government is very much for sale. So, in 20-30 years when we're all looking at algae infested springs, we can explain to our grandchildren that these timeless pristine springs were sold at the beginning of the century for very temporary profits. Sold by our leaders to the highest bidder.

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