Monday, April 14, 2008

Another letter not published ! But.......

Dear Gentle Reader,

Another attempt at publishing has failed as of this past week, April 8. I'm especially disappointed in this one not being published as it was my best essay on why I think lobbyists are the human equivalent of "seepage". Anyway, I did get a response from the columnist Scott Maxwell which I am most appreciative of. I also got a response from Scott regarding my previous attempt at publishing another outraged letter, also supporting his column. You can read this blog post below under March 27.

Here is my letter from April 9.

Regarding Scott Maxwell's column from Wednesday, April 9. I really enjoyed Scott's comments encouraging the population to get involved in their government. We have a problem here in that everyone agrees the government is corrupt, but all too often people don't seem willing to really do anything about it. How long are we going to watch as our so called leaders receive special favors from lobbyists and special interests at the expense of our democracy? When I voted for our leaders I voted for them because I agreed with their platform and because I saw them as capable of making the right decision for all citizens. I didn't vote for them to receive "guidance" from special interests that slither into their office. So, if I may be so bold as to offer an addendum to Scott's "action list" as to what we all can do to make our government better. There needs to be a serious movement to remove lobbyists from all halls of government at all levels. Let's start with a clean slate and re-establish our government as a representative government with leaders that are focused on the needs of society and all people as it was orginally intended.

'Nuff Said !!

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