Monday, April 14, 2008

Expired comments to the Orlando Sentinel- Dec. 2007

Another of my attempts at publication, rejected. I particularly like this one.... oh well. America has so much potential to make an even greater difference in this world, if only our government thought so !!

Addressed to the Orlando Sentinel, Dec. 16, 2007

I read the article submitted by the Associated Press (Dec. 16, Sunday) with much disgust as I watch as our country's shining example is once again diminished by nonexistant leadership in Washington. After a century of success that included victory in WWI and WW2, removing communism as the opressive government that dominated much of the world, we are reduced to being booed at the United Nations for our lack of direction regarding Global Warming. Our government seems most concerned that any significant changes would cost jobs and hurt the economy. I believe this shows an appalling lack of confidence in the creativity and ingenuity of the American people.

Might I suggest that a comprehensive approach to the Global Warming concern would actually create jobs. Just as the invention of the light bulb ended kerosene lamp sales and the invention of the automobile ended sales of horses and carriages perhaps a new industry favoring renewable energy would create more higher paying jobs than what is in existance now? Something we can't even imagine at this point in history. Twenty five years ago microsoft and google and the internet and all its industry did not exist at all ! Who could have anticipated that? We are the birthplace of the lightbulb and the telephone and the airplane and the automobile. We can help the world with this problem with imagination and restored leadership.

Charles E. Marshall

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