Monday, April 14, 2008

Published Letter- The Orlando Sentinel - Nov. 07

This letter was written at the encouragement of my mother. I wasn't especially "in" to the issue at hand (gambling, which my mother detests) and I didn't think they'd print it. Much to my surprise, they did.

Here it is; Printed on November 27th of 2007.

I would like to commend House Speaker Marco Rubio for questioning Governor Crist and his negotiations with the Seminole tribe absent of any due process of legilsation. Is that really his decision to move forward when the people of Florida have not sanctioned expanding gambling to such an extent? Gambling is a cheap and easy way for the state to collect more money with little effort. Unfortunately for the people of Florida it also acts to encourage illegal activities and taxes those who do not have the self control to know when to stop at the expense of their families. The government should encourage small business, innovation, and competition in the marketplace for people who want to make money, not go out and play cards.

'Nuff said !!

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