Sunday, April 3, 2011

Because King Chuck Wishes It

By Chuck Marshall

I like to think about what I'd do if I had total control of these United States and all would be done at my bidding as I see fit (like governor Scott, for example..... just kidding :) Here is a quick rundown on King Chuck's Decrees to get America going in the right direction so I don't have to worry about my kids future anymore.

1) Make all political primaries "open" primaries. As it is, the process excludes Independents, Libertarians, etc.... from this "pre-selection" process (myself included since I'm an Independent). The current process, therefor prevents these people from participating fully in their constitutional right to a representative government.

2) Neuter lobbyists to the point that their opinion is only taken if the congressman requests it for information, or for debate with the opposing view. The day to day interaction of congressman should be in dialogue with the people. As it exists, the lobbyists (and their clients) are given an undue influence that is not a fair representation of the will of the people.

3) Extract money from the process of electing our leaders. We have a system to select the best college basketball team in the country that doesn't require a Billion dollars so why is such a system so impossible for our leaders? Candidates shall be nominated by their peers as being capable and trustworthy in the community. These nominees would then list their positions on all the major issues of the day. Have them present their ideas in the form of a speech. Have them debate each other to defend their positions. Then we all vote. No campaigns, no signs, no TV ads, no daily mailings, no marketing, no polls, no malarkey. Just the candidate and the people.

4) All white-color criminals shall be punished by having all of their money confiscated. That includes any money they earned dis-honestly or honestly. They don't go to very expensive prisons, but instead the seized money shall be used to watch them for the rest of their lives. They have given up their right to privacy when they robbed people. Excess funds shall be contributed to charities that seem appropriate to the crime they committed. For example, if they take money from the elderly then their money goes to help support the elderly.

5) Legalize marijuana. Tax the living daylights out of it. The tax money collected from marijuana sales would be used to enforce drug laws against the much more damaging drugs cocaine, heroin, crack, etc.... Also, this money would be used to educate children as to the dangers of smoking marijuana AND the dangers of drinking.

6) Lawsuits. All lawsuit losers shall pay all the court costs of "said" lawsuit. This should reduce "frivolous" lawsuits because the plaintiff risks having to pay his lawyer's $300-$500 per hour fee. Or, if the attorney sees it as a good case, he might be willing to risk his fees to move forward with the lawsuit. Either way, society wins.

7) A balanced budget shall be the law of the land. If there is an emergency, then Congress (run by our new crew of competent leaders) will set up a plan to pay these monies back, which WILL include sacrifice for all. There will be "cuts" and there will be an increase in taxes. Everybody pays. When the debt is paid back, taxes go back down and the cuts made shall be put back as they were before the emergency.

In my humble opinion,

King... er Mr. Chuck Marshall

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