Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Need Leaders with True Grit

I keep thinking about the national debt which has risen so alarmingly over the last decade. I think most people realize we have a pretty serious problem on our hands. There was a bi-partisan commission that came up with a blue print for fixing the problem but their ideas were politely accepted and consequently ignored. Not very smart. But that's typical of our government. Nodody can make the tough decisions.

There are groups of people (often elderly, or near retirement) that are so adamantly opposed to taxes that they feel compelled to go to rallies for the Tea Party and they give all their support to Governor Scott and all Republicans. But, if you look at what's causing our deficit it's mainly the wars we're fighting and the sky rocketing costs of medicare as our population gets older and older. So, these people who are protesting are receiving all the benefits of the increased spending for their medical coverage, yet they are acrimonious towards any thought of paying the required increase in taxes. This is upside down. They who are recieving the benefits should be paying the highest taxes.....not the other way around.

To the point also, we all need to sacrifice the costs of two wars that we're fighting right now. These are not free. All of us, young AND old, allowed our leaders to run over to "nation build" in the middle east. I think to bring the point home we should each get a bill every month, stating "Cost of War: $3000" or whatever it would be per person in the US. I have a feeling the protests would spark right after the mail got in, and it wouldn't be just old people rallying. "Stop the Wars" rallies would suddenly become very fashionable.

Marco Rubio caught the Republicans by surprise by suggesting the era of "entitlement" for those who are getting along in age needs to end. I like his style because this sort of truth is not normal in Washington, DC. It was like bringing up the Gator's national championshp at a Seminole rally. Total crickets. Yes, we need DC to be filled with men and women who are brave enough to face the facts and dicuss the options out in the open. Our country's future depends on it.

Enough with the weak kneed pansies that make the decisons for our country. Give me leaders with "grit" !

In My humble opinion,

Chuck Marshall

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