Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chuck Marshall's Humble Opinion Published Today in the Orlando Sentinel

Letter published today as a letter to the editor in the Orlando Sentinel. Most of you will recognize parts of this from my last blog.

"Gang of 6 demonstrate patriotism at its best"

The article "6 senators, $14.3 trillion riddle" in Friday's Sentinel elaborates on how the two parties are coming together to discuss the yawning federal deficit, albeit quietly.

Why quietly? This sort of bipartisan compromise is what has been missing from our government for quite a while. We should all be loudly backing these senators for their determination to come to a solution despite ridicule from the more extreme wings of their respective parties.

This is patriotism at its best when our leaders work toward the betterment of all Americans, not just the Republican or the Democrat. Three cheers for the gang of six.

Chuck Marshall Clermont

'Nuff said... In my humble opinion :)

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Ron Cram said...

Let's talk about Obama's birth certificate. Computer experts have declared the birth certificate to have been changed 24 times. See the Gateway Pundit article posted by Jim Hoft on April 27.

IIf you have Adobe Illustrator on your computer, first download the pdf of the birth certificate posted by the White House, open the pdf in Illustrator and then follow the instructions in the article. You will see the 24 changes made to the file. Thousands of people have already done this to see it for themselves.

Next, ask yourself why Obama's birth certificate (filed on Aug 8th) has a higher number than the Nordyke birth certificate filed Aug 11, 1961. That's a big problem for Obama.

II expect to see sworn affidavits filed in federal court and presented to the Supreme Court calling this document problematic and possibly a forgery. We may be seeing President Boehner in our near future... If Obama is ineligible, then the Obama-Biden ticket is ineligible and Boehner is the next in line.