Friday, April 22, 2011

Now, just what did I do with that $15 Trillion Dollars?

All the time when I have a conversation with people regarding something I've read in the newspaper I get a glazed-over look that says "well, what do you expect from the liberal media". Consequently, their attitude is that they "don't believe" what they read in the newspaper. This is very concerning to me because this means they get the details of what they know about the world through blurbs on the radio, TV and the internet. The lack of attention to the details of how our government is run is one of the reasons our country is in such jeapordy right now. Our "leaders" know the general public is not paying attention to the details so they use partisan politics to get what they want in the name of their respective parties. Always there is the other party to use as the target for all that ills our country. As a consequence, we've run up a $15 Trillion deficit that is the iceberg on the ocean that USA Titanic has lurking in the path of its trek toward economic stability.

To all you Republicans: Get off your high horse of fiscal responsibility because it's your President and Republican congress that added $6 Trillion dollars to the federal deficit from 1998-2008. That was YOU, my right wing friends running up a tab when Mr. Obama was an obscure Chicago lawyer with an odd name.

To all you Democrats: Your decision to solve all the problems of society by throwing money at it has created a massive group of human beings that feels entitled to food, shelter, time, endless Dr.'s visits, and very expensive pills that solve their every ache and pain. We can't afford it and we never could.

I wrote in my last two posts about our national deficit and this makes the third, I guess. I am satisfied that the government does recognize that this problem is serious enough that the two parties are actually meeting to discuss what to do. Why didn't they discuss it before? In an article in the Orlando Sentinel (Tribune: Washington Bureau) today it elaborates that 6 Senators are meeting quietly to seek middle path on the U.S debt. Why quietly? As I understand the article it's because they don't want to upset their party's perspective "wings" of protest. These are the "mouth breathing" extremes of both parties that don't see anything other their own selfish and narrow minded ideas.

We are all Americans, and we need to loudly applaude and encourage such non-partisan actions as this group of Senators work to swerve away from the much discussed iceberg. We should pay attention to the words of those who are watching our leaders. Whether you see the media as left wing or right wing it is the responsibility of American citizens to understand the details being presented before making assumptions regarding the veracity of their words. Freedom of the press is not of much use when the people don't utilize it.

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