Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reality TV with Real Consequences Part 4

By Chuck Marshall

Today is my fourth in a series reviewing the Presidential candidates for 2016.   Today is the New Hampshire primaries so it's possible these two candidates will no longer be in the race after today.   Both of these guys are what I would refer to as genuinely "nice guys" so I will miss both of them in the election if it does come to that.   They are both patriots and they care about our country and have been endeavoring to make it better for us.  God Bless them both for trying.

     John "My top 3" Kasich

     Governor John Kasich, Republican (Ohio).  In my mind, was the forgotten candidate for a while flying low and not getting too much attention except when Donald Trump whacked him a couple of times regarding his record in Ohio.  I have come to like John, and he has actually risen to my "top 3" choices since my first blog regarding the candidates back  several weeks ago.  I like John because he doesn't pick on anyone, he sticks to his guns, and he keeps on fighting.  He is a moderate which is important to me for obvious reasons if you read the title of my blog.  Finally, he has experience as the governor of Ohio, which seems to have been very successful.  So, John Kasich is on my short list, he's on "my top 3" choice list.

       Ben "soft spoken" Carson

     I watched the movie about his life with Cuba Gooding Jr. and I was blown away.   So much hope and faith and a total inspiration to us all that anything is possible, especially in this country.  Carson was my guy for about a month !  Unfortunately for Ben, the left dislikes him because of the color of his skin.  They skewered him over and over because the idea of a Republican black goes against their bigoted ideas of what African Americans should be.  Their behavior towards Ben during this election actually moved me to the right a little bit more because they disgust me so much.

     At the end of the day, though, I do feel that Ben is a little too soft spoken to get his message out effectively in the general election.  There's too much hatred out there.  I believe the Democrats would mock him and do everything they could to prevent his election including to bring up his unique opinions regarding the pyramids that he refuses to disavow or explain effectively.  So, with their narrow minds the left defines a man by one odd opinion and not the lengthy success of his career.   I don't think he could withstand their attacks and so therefor, as much as I like him, if he is the Republican nominee I don't think he would be elected and so by endorsing  him I'm helping the Democrat nominee (and we know that's one of two people) and I do not want either of them. Strategically, I can't support Ben because I don't think he'd win the election.

 God Bless you Ben.

Tomorrow;  Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz.

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