Saturday, February 13, 2016

Reality TV With Real Consequences Part 5

By Chuck Marshall

Senator Ted "Grating Voice" Cruz - Republican (TX)

I know I had said in my previous blog that this would be a blog devoted to Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush but I've decided that at  this point each candidate really deserves their own singular blog in my little series.   They are, after all, the last of the Mohicans so to speak.

First I tip my hat to Ted's campaign.  For someone who claims not to be a "typical politician" he certainly has shown us all how it's done.   His debates are usually decent enough, he has taken on Donald Trump with some success and he has had a few lines that are pretty memorable, for example, calling out the moderators at the disastrous MSNBC debate late last year- one of the few times I nearly stood up and applauded during a debate.   In addition, he can be pretty funny with some excellent marketing going on including a brilliant TV ad focused on little kids playing with a Donald Trump action figure. LOL !  We all love to laugh !   ( If you haven't sen it : )   Funny, but deceptive.  That's one of my bigger problems with Ted.   He seems to lie easily and deliberately often using the ignorance of the public to his advantage.  Effectively, he'll lie to the entire country with a smile on his face.  One debate even showed a video of him saying exactly what he proceeded to say he DID NOT say !    Deceptive is an operative word when referring to Ted Cruz.   In my humble opinion, the only other person in this election year who lies more than Ted Cruz is the queen of lies - her majesty- Hillary Clinton.

I know this is trivial, but Ted Cruz' voice is like no other voice I've ever heard.  Something about it just absolutely grates on my nerves.  It's like nails on a chalkboard.

Finally, Ted Cruz is described far and wide as a "political outsider" because he is notorious for not cooperating with his fellow Senators.   He has blocked nearly any compromise in Washington, DC to the best of his ability.  Understanding where my blog title comes from you can probably deduct how I feel about this aspect of Ted Cruz.  He is the ring leader for the "our way or the highway" mindset that has infected our nations's capital for the past  5 years.  Rather than an outsider (a trait which could be a good thing)  Ted Cruz is more a political outcast with a notorious reputation in DC for being disliked by exactly everyone.   How on earth would you get anything done when you enter the office absolutely loathed by the rest of the government ?  You don't grow dislike to that level by being a reasonable or notable person.   You get to that level of dislike by being a self-serving, sanctimonious, lying and power hungry ass.  The little stunt he pulled on Ben Carson in Iowa, I think, is very typical of the Cruz mentality.  Lie, cheat, steal  Whatever it takes.

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